SADHAN working for violence-affected women for their rights. We are focusing to address domestic violence and workplace violence. We are providing Leadership Skill Development Training, Enterprise Promotional Training and capacitating violence affected women and general public on domestic violence act and workplace policy. In order to enhance their capacity and capability we are undertaking different process like motivating them to involve in decision making process through political involvement. We also encouraging and interacting them how they face to administration, financial institutions, political leaders, police and government departments to get their rights.


Counseling and Restoration

SADHAN restored 53 violence affected women in their family. Out of these 53 violence cases 31 women were affected by domestic violence and 22 women were violence affected at their workplace. Legal aid services provided to 22 violence affected women.

Awareness Building

We facilitate integrated management of child hood illness, micro nutrient, diet, breast / colostrum feeding, malnutrition, anemia, water and sanitation related issues. specially focusing on violence against women cases and trying to address in village level. All our program facilitated by Village leader and Local Self Governance Representatives. We generate awareness on domestic violence act and workplace policy in 29 villages covering 4987 peoples.

Illiteracy and Ignorance

SADHAN believes Illiteracy and ignorance is the root cause of violence. If a women able to read, write, speak and understand then she able to raise her voice against violence. So we established 5 literacy and special study center in 5 villages of Bansapal block of Keonjhar district. 58 illiterate women and adolescents were literate from our literacy center.



Dress Designing and Garment Making

Poverty is another root cause of violence against women like illiteracy and ignorance. To secure the livelihood option of violence affected women we conducted residential based 6 months Dress Designing and Garment Making Training for 32 violence affected women. During the training we used local language course curriculum. They were trained on Standard Measurements, Technical Terms in their local language, measurement, different types of child dress, petticoat, Frock. Also they were trained about machine parts, fault and its resolution, sewing equipment and basic hand stitches. They also trained in new technology machine as result they able to work in manufacturing industries. After successful completion of the training we linked them with financial institutions.

Mushroom Cultivation

In respect to the need of the area, we provided one month training on mushroom cultivation to 16 violence affected women and support them to take mushroom production as their income source. Financial institutions were denied to provide the support hence SADHAN provide minimum amount to undertaken the activity. Now these women able to make profit an amount of INR 90 to INR 105 per bed.

Local Snacks Production (Namkeen)

Most of the institutions providing training on single subject like mushroom cultivation training in all villages as result there is no market for them as result they are not able to earn. It forced them to stop their business. Training never benefited them. SADHAN first giving priority about the market requirement then provides the training. We provided training to 10 violence affected women on local snacks production cum marketing. During the training we provide knowledge about quality production and its marketing.

Simultaneously we enhance their capacity quality production, quantity check and market requirement for better result