SADHAN is committed to addressing violence against women through identifying involving local self governance structures, sensitizing Anganwadi and ASHA worker, learn from their issues and challenges, collaboration with likeminded institutions, initiating enterprise development program, enhancing their capacity and legal aid.

Since 2017, SADHAN has engaged with Local Self Governance Structures, Village Committees, Community Level Organizations and Legal Aid service wings aimed at preventing and addressing the violence against women issues. simultaneously capacitating them by which they able to share their issues from their inner would.

In other hand SADHAN build up them to establish enterprise units providing to secure their livelihood.


SADHAN intervene following actions to address the violence against women issues

Restoration of Relationship

Confidence Building

Capacity Building and Skill Development


Changing idea on Social Stigma and Blind Believes

Education (Schemes and Provisions)

Life Skill Education

Entrepreneurship Development Program

Networking and Linkage