SADHAN directly involved with social, cultural, traditional system of the community to gather the knowledge about taboos, blind believes of the society.  

SADHAN works directly with violence affected women to ensure their dignified life. Also SADHAN working with communities to improve the quality of life; sharing skills with peoples organizations. The approach of SADHAN that includes action, reflection, replication and influencing involves it’s engagement with variables at different levels including stakeholder interest and relationships, relevant policies and legislation, socio-cultural, socio-economic and socio-political conditions, environmental conditions such as climate change and more. SADHAN not only works with the community but also builds the capacities of other similar mindset organizations.

SADHAN is working for violence-affected women for their rights. We are focusing on domestic violence and workplace violence. We are providing Leadership Skill Development Training, Enterprise Promotional Training and capacitating women on domestic violence act and workplace policy. In order to enhance their capacity and capability we are undertaking different process like motivating them to involve in decision making process through political involvement. We also encouraging and interacting them how they face to administration, financial institutions, political leaders, police and government departments to get their rights. 

Currently SADHAN working with 285 violence-affected women in Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj district of Odisha state. These violence affected women were trained on applique, Dress Designing and Garment Making and Namkeen Production. For more details of our activities

Women Empowerment

Vocational Training

Networking & Advocacy