Institution Building & Advocacy

Institution Building ( Organization & Community)

Institution building, its growth & strengthening the base as a player of development & equipping to face the developmental challenges has been one of the major aspects of SADHAN. In the passage of time, revived the defunct community level institutions & enriched their skills for effective management.

Once again, re-worked on long term perspective plan to establish backward & forward linkages among objectives, process & activities including coherency and consistency. As a step towards Human Resource Development made attempts to strengthen its base through working on HRD Policy & renewed the structure, scan the gender intervention looking into the larger interest of its mission & participatory management

Our Approach

Rapport building has been the primary strategy since the inception of the program even before the Peoples Organisations came into being under the present structure. Village Level Organisations at village level are expected to deal with issues through pressurizing and negotiations on their own, by utilizing the expertise of their leaders.

Currently we are associated with these organization to address the violence against women and adolescents through networking, advocacy, and alliance-building.

As on date SADHAN working with 57 women groups, 11 village committees, 8 farmers club and 12 Rural artisan groups in Bansapal block of Keonjhar district

Gopabandhu Seva Parisada

an-anya (unlocking potential)


JANAMANGAL (Center for Independent Living)