Policy System and Procedure

Personal Policy: The purpose of the Personnel Policy is to set down the policies, conditions, rights and obligations of SADHAN management, employees, volunteers, visitors subject to their performing of the duties and responsibilities in their respective job descriptions and their roles.

Finance Management Policy: We have Finance Management policy to control over fraudulence and misappropriation of funds. Moreover, we designed this policy to continue transparency and accountability structure from organization to grass root level.

Child Protection Policy: SADHAN approach is different in the sense it takes upon it the parental responsibilities. It strives to provide holistic support till children become self reliant. Mothers’ literacy and empowerment (social, economic and financial) is critical to educating a child – in organisation’s initiatives.

Children are often vulnerable to abuse and exploitation; SADHAN is highly sensitive and accords top priority to protection and safety of children.

Workplace Policy: In SADHAN, discrimination and harassment of any type is strictly prohibited. SADHAN aims to provide safe working environment and prohibits any form of sexual harassment. Hence any act of sexual harassment or related retaliation against or by any persons is unacceptable. This policy therefore, intends to prohibit such occurrences and also details procedures to follow when any staff / beneficiaries believes that a violation of the policy has occurred within ambit of all applicable regulations regarding Sexual Harassment.

Making a false complaint of sexual harassment or providing false information regarding a compliant will also treated as a violation of policy.