SADHAN is a non-government and non-profit organization established in 2017, working to address the violence against women issues and to improve the quality of lives of tribal, rural and backward communities of Odisha state, India and ensuring dignified life.

Our primary focus to address the violence against women issues and eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, ensuring social inclusion, justice, good governance and citizen’s right. Helping communities identify and initiate development measures; providing training and other capacity-building support to women, individuals and Local Self Governance representatives and advocacy in favour of the under privileged people especially the tribal.

SADHAN carried out four coherent and reinforcing strategic actions like, formation of people’s organization (women groups, adolescent group, forest committees, farmers club, artisan groups and youth groups) and their capacity building. Sustainable rural livelihoods and fostering participatory governance, Advocating for protection of rights and inclusive in participatory governance and addressing climate change concerns through community in partnership with the government.


SADHAN focusing to demonstrate strong community level leadership and expertise in addressing violence against women issues, poverty and vulnerability issues in Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj district, Odisha, India through facilitating capacity building platforms between tribal community and government officials, shaping good governance, livelihoods and active participation  


Core values

  • Gender Equity and Social Justice
  • Participatory Action
  • Peace & Harmony
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Integrity


We believe in the strength of the local communities where we work. Hiring local staff allows us to enter communities that other larger organizations can’t because we have the on the-ground connections that open doors for us. Each community comes with its own customs, traditions, and often even its own languages. At SADHAN, we acknowledge that it does – and should – take time to set up our activity or actions in a new community. We start every activity and actions by forming partnerships with community leaders through our local staff to establish trust and safety in our work. Our local staffs and volunteers are our greatest resource when it comes to navigating cultural barriers and building trust with community members. Here we say we have the vast knowledge about culture and contexts than other organizations.

All that we do is made possible by many hardworking and dedicated individuals, communities, groups, and organizations!

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